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“The splendor of a photographer is that he can capture the beauty in the most ordinary things.”
– sl anand.
S L Anand has always been on a flight of fancy, romancing the camera. He is an objective recorder of the elementary, taking note of everything around him.

S L Anand has been a brand name for 'People and Fashion' photography since 1994. His peerless tenor in photography has appealed to many enthusiasts of photography around the world.

His finesse with the camera has won him admiration and has made him one of the most sought after photographers in India.

Born in Kerala, in a middle income family, he was a bright student. He nurtured his dream to become a doctor or an engineer until he was gifted a camera at the age of 17.

Curious and utopian, eagle-eyed and vibrant that he was, it took Anand no time to make the camera his best buddy. Life began to change for Anand. The camera was now to Anand what the little lamb was to Mary. They were inseparable.

His devotion to photography was evolving with each day. Soon he was considered to be one of the best photographers on his campus. Then came a defining moment in his life when he envisioned that to become a photographer was his calling.

His family was insistent that Anand must pursue a conventional career on completion of his graduation considering the bumpiness of having to pursue a vocation like photography. However a strong willed Anand was able to convince his kinsfolk about his ardent love for photography.

He joined for a post graduation course in Sociology and also pursued a PG Diploma in Journalism. He was thoroughly successful in his pursuits.

Forthwith Anand joined Mathrubhumi, a powerful publishing house as a News Photographer. He took up assignments in fashion, sports, travel and feature photography enthusiastically.

With a unique style developed through meticulous efforts and dedication, he soon came to be considered as a hotshot photographer. Mathrubhumi designated him the responsibility of covering many important events all over India and abroad. His works were appreciated and he became the cognizant of the editors for his flair for creativity, drive for consistency and profound commitment.

He signed off from Mathrubhumi to join a Cruise Line Company in the United States of America as a cruise line photographer. That was a dream come true for Anand.

It unraveled before him amazing opportunities to travel around the world, behold exotic locations, and connect with people across the globe. There he worked in the coastal areas of America and Canada including Miami, South Carolina, Charleston, Norfolk, New York, New Brunswick, St John and Halifax.

Those overwhelming experiences enriched the creative thinker in him and gave him the courage and determination to excel in a competitive profession like photography.

Following this, he returned to India and started his own venture. He began doing portfolio projects and took up wedding photography assignments. He also took up photography assignments for superior brands that include Malabar Gold, South Indian Bank, Atlas Jewelers, etc. Even today he is delivering his best to popular magazines like Mathrubhumi Yathra, Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika, Mathrubhumi Star & Style, Mathrubhumi Sports Masika and India Today.

Travelling is an incessant instinct that Anand cannot resist easily. His assignments are a confirmation of the same. These journeys help him get an eyeful of the world around him and it helps him see everything under the sun from a different angle. You can behold that difference in each of his works.

A wedding album by S L Anand is distinct from the wedding albums of his peers; there is charm and creativity radiating from each of his works.

He provides custom-made and exclusive wedding albums that you can cherish forever. As a true lover of photography, he always goes that extra mile to deliver the best.

He won the Kodak - Better Photography’s Wedding Photographer of the Year Award in 2011 for the theme Bridal Portraiture.

As a photographer, Anand has never been ready to forsake his passion for creative art during hectic commercial photo shoot schedules. He continues to learn and is polishing his expertise in giant strides.

This makes him a favourite among clients, colleagues, connoisseurs and the photography fraternity.

Anand regularly conducts photography workshops and demonstrations for amateur photographers, students and photography enthusiasts. He is actively involved in activities to promote photography and its social acceptance as an art; helping the other birds of his flock find more opportunities to excel in their profession.

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Kodak better photography wedding photographer of the year 2011 (bridal portraiture category)
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Contributes to leading magazines such as Mathrubhumi, Yathra, Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika, Mathrubhumi Sports Masika, Manorama Arogyam, Grihalekshmi, Chithrabhumi, India Today
Advertising campaign shoots for major brands such as Malabar Gold Ellora multimedia South Indian Bank Atlas Jewellers Jannath Jewellers Baby Vita
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