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Tips for the Brides on their D-Day

For a woman, wedding can be the most precious moment in her life. So it takes months of planning to make it a perfect day and now it’s almost time for the big day! All the wedding professionals are ready, your dress is ready…all that’s left to do is show up, right? Not quite. It requires at-least a week worth of planning and preparation for anyone to look their best on the stage for wedding and most probably the week before your wedding is likely to be a tad hectic with some last-minute tasks to get through. But don’t worry! Luckily, after years and years of planning weddings, we have just about thought of it all.With only 7 days left in your wedding planning, it's totally understandable that a few things on your growing pre-wedding to-do list might slip your mind. Did I invite all my friends to the wedding? Did I buy the right sized sandals for me? We know all these thoughts (and more) are constantly racing through your mind and even sneaking into your dreams in your sleep. It's exhausting—how are you supposed to get any of that bridal beauty sleep?Before we begin the tips, the brides should try to stay as flexible as possible during this final countdown. Last minute tweaks will happen, so go with the flow. Just stay on top of things and try to keep your end goal in mind: getting married! You're on the home stretch!Here are my tips for a perfect wedding day for brides.Try and practice the full wedding day look with your wedding dress : Try on the full dress, including shoes and jewellery. Practice that walk and standing pose on the stage and make sure everything looks and feels comfortable. Pro tip: Try going to the bathroom in your dress as well!Try out your new wedding Sandals/Shoes : You are most likely to be trying your wedding shoes on your wedding day morning but it is a mistake. Most of the fancy shoes require break-in period so it may hurt your legs if you are wearing them on your wedding day, for all day long.Meet with your Wedding Planner or Wedding Photographer : If you have a wedding planner or a professional photographer, have a final meeting with him or her to go over any last-minute details.Inform your Caterer about the Final Head Count : You’ll want to give the final headcount to your hotel or caterer on a week before the wedding (or whenever required by your contract).Answer Last-Minute Emails and Chats : If your inbox/WhatsApp is crowded with questions from guests or vendors, be sure to give it a last minute read through and answer any emails that are filled with pressing wedding questions before you go MIA and straight into a wedding fun.Assign Someone To Grab Gifts and Decorations : Choose a family member to collect the card box, any wedding gifts that guests brought, and any decorations you may want to keep and take them home for you. You may be too busy to remember to do this, or you may be heading to your wedding after-party. Assigning this task to someone else (and someone responsible) will help make sure everything makes it home to you safe and sound.Makeup starts a week before : Make sure your are in touch with your Make-Up Artist and make sure your make-up routine goes well as per make-up artists plan.You're at the tail end of the wedding experience, the most important day of your life, so treat yourself! Take a brisk walk, get a massage, watch your favorite movie…do whatever you like to do to relax so you can feel fresh for your big day.Find your local vendors at EventPlanO.

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Trending Stage Designs for the Perfect Event

In any event, it is definitely true that the eyes are set on the stage. Be in a wedding where the bride and the groom capture our attention, or a conference where we listen to the speakers, the setting of the stage has a huge impact on the success of the event. While quality lighting and audio-visual settings are mandatory for a smooth program, the aesthetics and the details of the stage can transform the event into an unforgettable one. Lighting and Floral Arrangement For weddings, the market is booming with new styles of lighting and florals as a background. As weddings are becoming more multicultural with fun events in the evening and night, the synergy of string lights and colorful floral arrangements, often complemented with festive curtains provide the ultimate wedding look. If the venue permits, an arrangement of flowers, specifically roses and candles have caught the eye in setting a romantic stage for the couple. Draperies and textures Monochrome satin curtains are no longer options even for formal meetings. The choice of customizations provided to the event organizer(s) has introduced a new world of theme based decor including colorful satin draperies, hanging crystals and accents. The event organizer can choose draperies that match with the color of their event- a themed wedding background or curtains that match the logo of a company. Frames Frames are getting immense popularity, particularly in weddings as Indian weddings are known for their gold décor. One such trend is a center stage created with artificial pillars of golden color. Beige and white frames are also used for a reception. These frames not only add an aesthetic appeal, but cleverly hung frames can also be a great aesthetic for photoshoots. Roofs This is a relatively new entry to the market of stage decor but is slowly gaining popularity as events are moving past a ritualistic and formal understanding to incorporate color and fun. Floral or creative cloth based roofs are trends of the season, replacing the concept of halls or large-sized tents as resorts and hotels are taking precedence as classier venues. Children’s Parties While florals and lighting are hit choices among adult events, children’s events have also evolved to have child-friendly decor. Apart from regular balloons and streamers, parties have become more personalized by photo-based decor accentuated by appropriate and safe lighting. Business Rendezvous Business events differ from general events as they are a representation of a firm’s reputation and commitment. Hence, firms have adopted mechanisms that reflect the theme of the organization primarily accommodating the logo and purpose of the event in all aspects. Another trend is multiple screen facilities to enable facilities like live social media screening. We at EventPlanO provide you a single stop that will fulfill all your event needs from choosing the perfect venue, hiring the best photographer and makeup artist and all other requirements. We bring together the best vendors and professionals in Kerala to help you make your event memorable. Keeping up with the latest trends in event management, we offer customized packages. Our technology enabled organization promises you a hassle-free event which will be a sure success.

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Checklist for Choosing the Perfect Venue

Organizing any event - a wedding, a conference, a birthday party is no easy job. You will come across a number of important decisions, one of the most important being the venue. The venue of your event influences most of the other factors - the date, the number of people, the catering service, and so on. In short, the venue determines the success of your event.Sounds very intimidating, doesn't it? But there's no need to panic because we at EventPlanO have put together a comprehensive checklist to help you choose the perfect venue. Before moving on to the checklist, set a budget! All the items in the list need to be chosen considering your funds.Set a date and start looking for places early The earlier you choose your venue, the more planned and successful your event will be. In case you're hosting a really large event, we suggest that you book the place at least a couple of months in advance. Hence, you need to start scouting your venue quite early. 2.Choose your location strategically If your event is something which would have attendees from the local region, then you will not have a problem. However, if you're inviting guests from outside the town, then a location close to a public transport hub might be a better option. Another important factor to consider is the accessibility, especially with respect to traffic. Make sure you choose a place that people can convey to quickly and comfortably. 3. Ensure that the venue has parking facilitiesA parking lot in, or even near the venue makes it a dream event. Make the necessary arrangements to secure parking spaces, and if your event is high-profile try to avail valet services. Alternatively, you can make cab arrangements for attendees from public transport hubs. 4. Look into the capacity of the venueYour venue must have the space to accommodate your guest list. It must provide enough sitting and mobility space, and lodging, if necessary. While looking into the capacity, also ensure that the place has necessary safety facilities. 5. Choose a place with the required amenities and facilitiesThis is an extremely crucial step in your process of choosing the perfect venue. Firstly, look for kitchen facilities if you require space for catering. The kitchen must be clean and have the necessary equipment to cook for the required number of people. Alternatively, if you're ordering food, then it must have a good storage capacity. Secondly, the place must have the necessary equipment like AV if it needs to be recorded. Finally, the event must have the required security facilities, especially if is high-profile or involves children. 6. Choose a venue that matches your styleIf you have planned your event on a theme check if the venue has the amenities required for all the decorations and spaces that your theme needs. Another important factor here is whether you're choosing an indoor or outdoor venue depending on your likes. However, note that an outdoor venue is susceptible to problems in case of weather issues. Quite exhausting isn't it? We at EventPlanO provide you a signed stop that will fulfill all your event needs from choosing the perfect venue, hiring the best photographer and makeup artist and all other requirements. We bring together the best vendors and professionals in Kerala to help you make your event memorable. Our technology enabled organization promises you a hassle-free event which will be a sure success.

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Hiring Planners vs Letting Family Take Charge

Planning a wedding is like navigating through a huge maze. If you don't know which turns to take, you'll be stuck in it. There are a lot of details involved from selecting the venue, catering, designing invites, etc., and let's face it - you want to sit back and relish the upcoming moments instead of sweating over details. If it's your first time trying a DIY wedding plan, here are a few reasons why you should opt for professional wedding planning services instead of letting your family take charge: 1. Not Going Broke Allocating your wedding budget isn't easy. Sometimes you don't know what services to hire or whom to approach for your wedding photography. Even finding the perfect caterer is hard and let's not forget signature cuisines. Don't know what entertainment options to host for the big day? Think designing wedding cards are too expensive? Don't have money to get that gorgeous four-tier wedding cake? Wedding planners help you answer these questions and customize solutions that fit your budget. The keyword is YOU and you certainly won't be stretching your money thin but making the most of it with them on your side. 2. Creativity Counts Professional Wedding planners are resourceful folks. They take care of deadlines, coordinate the venue and timings, make guest reservations and handle any woes or mishaps that arise at the last minute. They've got a bigger picture of planning a wedding and most importantly: they've been there and done that, a LOT. If it was a surgery, would you hire a newbie or DIY or hire a professional surgeon who can take care of you and guarantee your life? It's the same concept for weddings and they most definitely make your wedding fun and memorable. 3. Connections Matter Weddings are full of details. Try answering these questions -. "How much alcohol per person is required?" "What types of cuisines do guests like"? "How much does my ideal wedding dress and favorite bouquet cost?" "How much do I need to spend on designing invite cards? Should I opt for traditional designing services or make email invites by hiring a professional designer?" "What venue is convenient to access and not prone to high-traffic or disturbances?" If you couldn't answer the questions above, you need a professional wedding planner by your side. To wrap it up, wedding planners are resourceful, creative, and calculating people. They have a unique recipe for getting things done right (and do them well, might we add). They've solved every problem you could anticipate and will figure out solutions to ones that haven't yet cropped up in your mind. If you'd like a professional who can literally peek into your Big Day's future and brainstorm, organize, and take care of the event, hire a professional wedding planner and you won't regret it.

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A Wedding Checklist to be on top of your Game

Finding the perfect life partner is not an easy thing to do. But when you find that special person, you would like to commemorate that relationship with the sacred bond of marriage. A wedding is not just a function with close relatives; it is a festival celebrated across days with many people. So be it a wedding location, travel arrangements, decorations, or a wedding dress; everything should be just right. As we help you touch upon these aspects delicately, here is a checklist of the important things we offer to help you be on top of your game for your Big Day: 1) Location: When you are spending a generous amount on your special day, make sure the destination is also special. Because that’s the first thing your guests are going to look at when they arrive at your wedding. This may be the reason for destination weddings to be the hottest trend these days. Choosing the perfect location, which is spectacular and within your budget can be a tough task. However, you need not burden yourself with it as we are constantly on our toes to suggest you some of the most amazing locations. 2) Decoration: Decoration forms the backdrop for the whole wedding experience to the bride and groom. So the significance of giving acute attention to details is very high. We can take things in the right direction if we have a theme for the wedding. If you are confused about the theme selection, we can guide you with choosing the one that suits your taste the best. Starting from drapes, to flowers on the stage to the lights, everything needs to be in place to have an ideal wedding. Decoration ideas like a Selfie Corner and a decorated auto-rickshaw for people to take photographs can keep them occupied. 3) Food: It is a common saying that good food can lighten the mood. It is no surprise that hiring a great catering service can enhance the wedding experience for everyone at the wedding. The options in food are unlimited, but we emphasise on our client's taste and culture which can be experienced in the cuisine selection. 4) The entry of bride and groom: Who doesn’t like a cinematic entry; and if the bride and groom are given the perfect entry on stage it will etch the memory for a lifetime. The path for the bride and groom can be lit up with stunning fireworks and sparkles. Just imagine, the bride is brought in by her brothers under a bed of flowers and the groom’s dashing entry with his friends on a Royal Enfield. An old school tractor or ‘palkhi’ can make it vintage and memorable for the two most important people at the wedding. Apart from the above, there are various other things which need to be considered while planning the Dream Wedding! (Wedding Gifts, Bridal and Groom Makeup, Invitation cards, Photography, Bridegroom clothes, accessories etc.) We, at EventPlanO let you choose from a wide range of vendors to satisfy your expectations with precision to make your special day a huge success.

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8 guidelines to book a photographer

Everyone loves to get captured in photographs because they freeze the time. While the photographs are a way to cherish the memories, it is important to have a good photographer. Because , when any big celebration is over, it’s the photographs that remain! Here are 8 points to consider while booking a Photographer for your event: Choose professionally trained photographers. There are a lot of photographers coming up these days who are not professionally trained but have bought enough equipment to trick you into believing so. It is important to follow the below points to avoid falling into a trap. Be sure of the kind of event and platform you want the photographs for. Whether they are meant for social media, press releases or newspapers, what you want to use the event photographs for makes a huge difference to the photographer. Explore the photographer’s previous work and/or website with a critical eye. It is obvious that the first look is meant to impress you, but also go through the reviews. They will give you a sense of the photographer’s professionalism and performance. See how long they have been in the business and/or how many events they have photographed. Post that, inquire with them as well to get your hands on their hopefully-not-booked calendar. Pay attention to the shooting style. Shooting style is a major determinant of the way the photographer will photograph your event. Not only the shooting skills but also observe the editing style. This will help you specify to the photographer exactly what you are looking for. Keep a budget in mind when you are researching for photographers. After narrowing down photographers, compare packages. Budget is, unfortunately, something everyone has to consider, but it is important to know about all the different kinds of packages (standard, premium etc) and what each of them includes. Only when you are sure of what you want and the package you want to select, will you be able to fix an exact amount of money for the job. There is no harm in meeting your potential photographer. Ensure you connect and get along with the photographer to have a great experience overall.. At the same time, sign a contract. Along with this, be clear about the payment schedule. Don’t take any risks that could hamper the event. Make sure you mention how soon you need access to the final, edited photographs. The end of your event will only fulfil half of the photographer’s job. Subsequent to this, they need to spend hours selecting and modifying the shots. In case you need to set a deadline, both you and your photographer need to be sure if a commitment is possible. Last but not the least , have faith in your photographer. Don't bury them with shots that you found on Pinterest or Instagram. It might not be possible to replicate them the way you want. Ultimately, you want your photographer to be confident and capture your event serenely.

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Top Best Bridal Boutiques in Kerala

Are you getting hitched anytime soon? Then, the months ahead could be one massive whirlwind of shopping, with the phrase ‘trousseau’ being used up a gazillion instances! Definitely, shopping for your wedding dresses will be one of the most thrilling parts of the wedding, especially for those brides who dream of ‘setting tongues wagging’ (in the right direction!) as she swagger down the walkway in her beautiful bridal outfits. But identifying where to track down these dresses requires a subtle hunt. So, we have compiled a list of top-end bridal wear designers in Kerala, who offer everything from ethnic wedding outfits to the in vogue wedding gowns! Bridal stores are in every nook and corner – so, you have got an assortment of options, and of course it’s a good thing; however don’t get overwhelmed by the wide array of choices. Decide on a price range, and then trawl our website for best bridal boutiques within that budget. Check everything – from reviews to the portfolio, and then single out the boutiques under your consideration. Once you’re done with that, ask them for best quotes, or connect with them personally to ensure that they give you a run of your money! Don’t hesitate to clarify any concerns regarding the pricing or hidden costs amid your visit. There! Now, you are prepared to pick out the wedding boutique that will get you something you love to wear on your big day! So, visit : Top Boutiques in Kerala

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The Best Wedding Photographers in Kerala

The number of photographs taken at an average wedding is staggering. A wedding photographer’s job doesn’t end after the wedding ceremony and reception, however. At an average wedding, each photographer will usually take hundreds or even thousands of photographs. Out of all of these photographs, only a small percentage are usable. A wedding photographer will typically only choose the best pictures, discarding ones that are out of focus, boring, or just generally unacceptable. Some photographs may also need to be retouched. Afterward, he will usually help the newlyweds choose the best possible photographs of their special day.Pointing a camera and pushing a button are not the only skills needed for a wedding photography career. When it comes to wedding photography, talent and a proper education are essential.Kerala is a state with 14 districts of 14 various styles and interests. So wedding photographers mean Best Photographers Kozhikode or Calicut, Best Photographers Ernakulam or Kochi, Best Photographers in Kannur, Best Photographers in Thrissur, Best Photographers in Malappuram Etc. With EventPlanO people can look at their work and contact them directly.

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Wedding Venues of Kerala

Kerala is home to some of the best beaches and water bodies. These nature beauty contributes to some of the best destination venue for weddings in Kerala. Kerala wedding industry is flourished utilizing these wedding venues and auditoriums. There is a saying that marriages are fixed in heaven, but they are executed on earth and every bride- groom dreams to choose a perfect dream like wedding venue or wedding auditorium. In Kerala it is very difficult task to choose and book a perfect venue with their limited numbers and high demand and but if you choose the perfect destination half the work done. Wedding venues range from lavish ornate indoor structures, to picturesque, romantic outdoor settings. Both the options have their own share of advantages and things to take care of. Here are some things to consider, to help you decide a wedding venue for the special occasion. enable it's user to choose their dream venues by checking the detailed list with the venue portfolio given. Bride and groom can check the availability at the comfort of their home if they get to choose one from the list. If the to be wed couple are not around the city or if they are working from abroad. There are option given in EventPlanO to share the venue details and they can directly check with a simple internet connection on their phone or computer.

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Wedding: Ceremony To Celebration

As we all are witnessing the socio, cultural and economic fields are undergoing great changes recently. The transformation happened to wedding functions in this tiny state of Kerala is beyond even bizzare imagination. Gone are the days when the family members, relatives and close friends only are present to bless the newly wed. As the relatives and friends were living not far and the friends circle was limited, inviting them personally was the custom. If needed invitations were sent by post and the fact that invitations were handwritten may be an unbelievable news to today’s youth. In those days marriage functions were generally held at the house premises of the bride. Needless to say that function was simple and short. Neighbours and friends undertake all preparations in connection with the wedding ceremony. To understand the gravity of the transformation happening in this field a rough idea about the wedding functions of earlier days is necessary and hence this brief description. As time passed by venue of marriage was shifted to halls. Decorations, other preparatory works and catering were started to be undertaken by respective groups. Photographers and videographers became inevitable. Invitation letter on an ordinary paper or card gave way to multicoloured, multi-sheet, artistically designed cards. Very costly and highly decorative cards are not at all rare now. Beauticians became essential for the make up of bride (and bridegroom).  With the advent of event management groups the scenario has changed beyond imagination. Whether you agree or not wedding function has become a source for business opportunities. Starting from hall arrangement, printing invitation letters, inviting the people in your list, receiving guests at the venue, catering, arranging musical troupes, conducting entertainment programmes presenting take away gifts to guests event management groups are to offer their service.  Shy bride and simple and serious nuptials fading out. Bride and bride groom entering the stage singing and dancing in cinema style with friends and relatives is not a rare show now. Today’s bride and groom are trying to find out innovative ideas to make their wedding ceremony distinct. Even the customary dress code of both bride and groom have been changed. Themed wedding is the latest in this regard. Event management groups eager to transform the marriage ceremony to a grant event. Wedding at underwater, on sky, on sea, on backwaters … the list themes will be diverse according to your fertile imagination. Of course, these may be termed as extravagant and lavish ,but if these are exhilarating and affordable for the people concerned , no meaning in objecting to it.  As somebody said, in the present day family situation and social set up successfully conducting a marriage ceremony is a cumbersome process. Let those who can spare money assign event management groups. In a way they are contributing to the livelihood of so many people engaged in that field and their families. Whatever it may be the truth is that wedding ceremonies are increasingly becoming wedding celebrations in the real sense of that word.

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Evolution of Event Management

The way we celebrate our special days has changed a lot during the past few years. It requires a time travel to understand the way how Keralites celebrated their special days. This topic struck me when I saw an old photo album of my parents’ wedding. For the sake of interest, we can time travel through the past 20 years on how the event management transformed. In the past, the wedding day management was a friendly game. All neighbours were involved in the entire process. The process starts from wedding invitation to the actual event day. It was a game of taking ownership and showing commitment towards the family which is organizing the event. It was fun! People used to enjoy making pandal, decorating their houses and preparing the bride-to-be/groom-to-be, making food etc. It was a team effort. Yes, it was fun! Years passed. We have been enjoying it, yet something was missing. All were busy organizing the events but forgot to enjoy the actual event. Our old neighbour event organizers were not professional event organizers. Our houses became smaller and there were not enough space to organize any events. People got relocated to other places and thus we have got less people to help us in organizing the events. Since the number of houses increased it became difficult to manage the waste after hosting the events. The event management system was evolving and was in the course for a change. We were getting closer to other cities in India. In those cities, the life events have been managed by professionals or professional companies. The cities in Kerala have already evolved to adopt that kind of a professional approach to event management. That is the reason why we have been seeing a rise in event management companies over the past decade. Now event management companies are making us forget about the management part of our life event thus helping us enjoy our special occasion to the fullest. There are some real advantages of involving event management companies in our life events. These companies are well trained and experienced, and they can approach the event management part more professionally than individuals. Their approach to an event is a kind of professional team work unlike the teamwork (friends and relatives) what we have seen in the past. Event management companies make sure that our special day celebrations are within our budget. They plan our life events professionally ahead of time so that there aren’t any last-minute surprises and they will make sure event is full of fun. Most of the event management teams organize artistic events on our special days which were very rare in the olden days. Most of the event management teams have good relationship with top rated vendors and they will make sure that the event owner is getting the most within their budget. Now in this generation of mobile and web applications, event management has went up a notch. With these event management websites, the future of event management is bright, hassle-free and joyful.

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